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Plantation Shutters Installation done in Ballwin, MO

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On June, 12, 2024

Mach 6

Bay window before shutters install

Mach 5

Plantation shutter frames are put together on a moving blanket and sitting on 4 3/4″ blocks of wood for support

Mach 4

Frames are held together using these white Hoffman keys the bottom sill plates are secured with screws.

Mach 3

This is a L Frame for a single window shutters. This shutter will have only one door. It is 30″ wide and 73″ tall.

Mach 2

All frames come wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap.

Plantation Shutters from delivery to installation

Plantation Shutters from delivery to installation

Mach 13

Bay window after installation of Plantation Shutters. This picture shows the shutter louvers in the fully open position. You can also see the divider rail that separates the top set of louvers from the bottom set. We also strategically place the divider rail to cover up the locks and sash of the window.

Mach 12

Plantation shutters in the fully closed position.

Mach 11

Plantation Shutters with the bottom set of louvers in the closed position and the top set of louvers in the open position.

Mach 10

Plantation shutters with all louvers in the half open position.

Mach 9

This is an example of how our shutters are shipped. This shutter panel is for a single window. It has 3 1/2″ Louvers for a nice 3″ view.

Mach 8

This is a L Frame for a double window. It will have 4 Shutter panels. The bar in the middle is called a T Post and it separates the left panels from the right. All our shutters are custom measured down to 1/16″

Mach 7

Here is an example of how the frames are installed. This is called a L Frame and it is installed on the outside of the window jamb. This installation allows for all normal window operation.

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