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Town and Country Shutter CompanyTown and Country homes that have window treatments on them are less prone to drafts and always get positive comments made about them.  The shutter company at St. Louis Blinds & Shutters has all you need in the form of window treatments.

Before spending a ton of money on window treatments; speak with one of our specialists. Our consultations are always free. You’ll also need to take your budget into consideration. Budgets help us stay on track with our spending on window treatments.

Being able to look out your windows and the ability to keep sunlight out is something that we often take for granted. At St. Louis Blinds & Shutters, we make your windows a priority as we decorate them with class.

Our treatments, depending on what you get, will also help to cut down on glare. Glare is something that no one wants when trying to relax and watch television or working on your computer. We can eliminate those problems.

Eliminating the sunlight in homes can cause a drop in the serotonin. This is what triggers depression. We can provide you with window treatments that can have a positive impact on your well being and your mental health.

Town and Country Shutters

If you’re considering new shutter for the home, then you’ll need to know a few things about them. They are not your ordinary window treatments. They serve as fashionable treatments for your windows that are also functional.

Plantation shutters were introduced many decades ago in Spain and are still used today. They were originally built without louvers whereas now they have them. Let our Town and Country Shutter Company introduce them into your home or business.

Our Town and Country shutter company is the choice for quality products. We use the best materials and tools to ensure you’re getting the best. We’ll help you make history with your windows that will last you forever.

Town and Country Window Blinds

For most of us; when we hear the words “custom” we tend to walk away because we think that customized options are too pricey. That may be the case in somethings, but not with our window blinds. Our window blind options are affordable. The price of our Town and Country Shutter Companys treatments range due to the following:

  • Number of windows in the home
  • Size of the windows
  • Brand and style of treatment

We can save you money. At St. Louis Blinds & Shutters, you’ll never feel that it is a waste of your time because you don’t have to drive anywhere. We bring them to you. There’s no waiting or pressure. We give you options.

Your home was a huge investment that you’ll more than likely be paying on for the rest of your life, so why wouldn’t you have the best window treatments for your windows? Call our Town and Country, MO shutter company for choices.

Latest Projects in Town and Country, MO

Exquisite Arch Top Plantation Shutters on Oak Springs Ln in Town and Country, MO

Arch Top Plantation Shutters on Oak Springs Ln in Town and Country, MOThese are Graber Arch Top wood plantation shutters shown with a 3 1/2″ louver in a base white color. They have a split tilt louver operation to give the customer privacy and light control. These beautiful shutters were mounted directly to the window jam so the customer’s existing trim was unaffected.


If you are looking for a Town and Country Shutter Company then please call 314-574-6035 or complete our online request form.

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