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Manchester Shutter CompanyYou’ll find that with new window treatments from St. Louis Blinds & Shutters, you’ll have all the privacy you need. For years, our Manchester shutter company has been installing window treatments and bringing samples out to our customers.

Many window treatments can become better insulators. Drapery and valances are great options for keeping our unwanted drafts. Those drafts are costing you monthly and can become a hindrance in the home.

Let us take care of your annoying drafts while you sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home. Now we can’t stop your older windows from air seepage but we can surely dress them with style.  

New windows can help. If you can’t afford them right now it’s okay. That is always something to think about in a home remodel. New replacement windows are cheaper and very effective in keeping the drafts away.

You won’t feel like a number when you call us. We provide you with options. You’ll keep coming to us each time you need new treatments for your home, condo, apartment, business, and more.

Manchester Shutters

There are good reasons to have interior shutters installed in the home. Safety is one of the most important aspects of being a homeowner. You want the best and safest products for your home that will not hurt your children or pets. You’ll appreciate our products because

  • Their safe
  • Match the decor
  • Add security

If you want the best, call our Manchester Shutter Company. There are plenty of ways in which our shutters can help introduce beauty and appeal. Ours can increase security too. Take advantage of our widow treatments while you can.

Manchester Window Blinds

If you’ve got hyper children, listen to this. Our Manchester Shutter Company sells window blinds that are safe to have in the home. Energetic children love to play and get into things that they shouldn’t. Your window treatments are one of those things.

Older treatments have dangling cords and slats that can injure you young ones. This is not the case with ours. The window blinds that our Manchester Shutter Company sells employs safety and are manufactured that way. So plan your window blind installations with us.

You always need to keep an eye out for your children, but at least you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt on our window blinds. We’re the specialists who can provide you with a safer solution for your windows.

Don’t just call any Manchester, MO shutter company. Call us and you’ll have greater choices when it comes to your window treatments. Add more security and increase the appeal of your windows with our products.

Latest Projects in Manchester, MO

Great Solar Shades on Manchester Rd in Manchester, MO

Solar Shades on Manchester Rd in Manchester, MOThis shade is called a solar shade because it decreases the solar effect of the sun dramatically when drawn on the window. It does not completely block your view so it’s great for areas that do not require full privacy. These shades can be used indoors or outdoors.


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“I have worked with Sandy for many years and her taste and style are fantastic. She has an amazing eye for fashion as well as being price/cost conscious. Sandy has helped me with every aspect of my home from blinds/shutters and window treatments, faux painting, floors, decks, decorating. She has contacts with everyone and everyone is top notch!”

| Rated: 5/5

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