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St Louis Mini BlindsThere are certainly lots of ways in which to dress your windows. The options for your windows may seem countless. One of those ways is through St Louis mini blinds. Our blinds come available in different sizes, colors, and textures. One of the main advantages of these blinds is they are relatively inexpensive. If you are on a tight budget or need more than one window treatment in the home; you can turn to St. Louis Blinds & Shutters. We’ll see to it that your new set of blinds are easy to maintain and operate. Call us today for more details and get the treatments that you deserve.


One of the things that we mentioned regarding these blinds is the maintenance attached to them. They are not like other window treatments in regards to maintenance, but if you want to make them last they will need to be wiped down of dust and other build up.


One of the things that makes these blinds so desirable is their appeal. They can be hung on smaller windows making them look like conventional ones. The St Louis mini blinds that we install are quality made so you get the best materials which make them appealing.


These blinds are often referred to as venetian. They provide excellent light control as well as versatility. Our blinds can be hung anywhere in the home. From the bedroom to the kitchen; you’ll be able to enjoy these treatments all year round.

Light Control

Having better light control in a blind makes it special. Controlling the light allows more or less in, depending on the season of year it is along with what room in the home that your window coverings are. But- you’ll be able to lower your electric bill.

Delivering a Tailored Look

You might not think about venetian blinds being able to look classy but they do. You’ll be able to give your home a tailored look whenever you have the mini version of our blinds installed. A custom fit will make your windows more attractive.

Benefits of Mini Blinds

  • Great for rooms that lack pizazz
  • Custom fitted on a budget
  • Ideal where light control is needed
  • Perfect for rooms where privacy is needed

Available Styles

We’ll bring the blinds to you and samples that will make it easier to chose the type you want. They come available in different slat sizes. The 1/2 inch version is often referred to as the micro mini. Most homes in Missouri have the 2 inch slat version.

Call to have us measure for your St Louis mini blinds today. You’ll be able to save more and have the blinds that you want whenever you come to our shutter company.

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