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St Louis Faux Wood BlindsDifferent materials go into the creation of St Louis faux wood blinds. They are the complete opposite of wood blinds because they are made from materials which make them versatile and can be hung anywhere. Call St. Louis Blinds & Shutters for ideas and ways to have these blinds installed in your home. You’ll find a lot to love with our blinds as they come in several varieties. Our shutter company carries the selections that you want and have the expertise to have them hung professionally. Your home will look complete with these blinds. Call our staff today and discuss a time when we can come out.


Faux wood is heavier than real wood. This is because of the materials that go into the construction of the blinds. Typically you will find that the price of the faux wood is  a lot cheaper than real wood. The materials that go onto these blinds also go into furniture construction.


If you’re looking for window treatments which are going to last, call St. Louis Blinds & Shutters. Ours will save you money as the faux wood versions will not need to be replaced. Over time, blinds and shades become yellowed or start to crack.

Selection of Faux Wood Blinds

Just because they are the ‘faux’ version doesn’t mean there isn’t a wide selection of the St Louis faux wood blinds. They can mimic the look of real wood and come in the same styles that they do. You’ll find the following styles of blinds available:

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Oak


These blinds are an eco-friendly option. Recycling and saving the forests are big charities these days. But you can do your part by buying window treatments that are made from recyclable materials. Recycled materials and real wood make them desirable.


Your blinds can be preserved with the right love and maintenance. Faux is not a direct wood so there’s no buckling or cracking unless they are manipulated. They will last you a lifetime and are not prone to certain damages that happens to other window treatments.

Affordable Window Treatments

If you’ve been looking for affordable window treatment options, look no further. Faux blinds are very affordable. You can actually afford to pay for more than one window to be dressed whenever you have this type of treatment installed.

Contact the window treatment enthusiasts at St. Louis Blinds & Shutters. We can deliver the St Louis faux wood blinds that you need and deserve to be in your home. You won’t find better quality and craftsmanship anywhere else. Make this year the year that you get blinds on your windows and protect yourself from the heat and cold outdoors better.

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